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R.P. Troutman & Associates Inc.


R.P. Troutman & Associates Inc. is a full-service investigative and security consulting firm that credits its success to a broad list of professional associates. Our associates come from state and federal law enforcement agencies, U.S. military special operations units, and various intelligence communities. Employing this level of professional guarantees the highest quality product for our clients. Whether your need ranges from a private and discreet investigation, to close personal protection while traveling abroad, our associates accomplish the mission.

R.P. Troutman & Associates Inc. offers a wide range of experienced investigators and security professionals to the private sector with the confidence that accompanies years of dedicated service.

R.P. Troutman & Associates Inc. was established in 1997 by Ron Troutman, Sergeant (Ret.) Maryland State Police. As a uniformed Trooper, criminal investigator, and member of the Special Tactical Assault Team Element, the values of quality investigations and high-risk management were learned through practical experiences.

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