R. P. Troutman & Associates, Inc.

Full-Service Private Investigators
Maryland Private Detective Agency License #106-2210

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How we can help you?

R. P. Troutman & Associates, Inc. is a Maryland based full-service investigative and security consulting firm providing exceptional services to our clients. Our professional associates have a wide range of expertise including these services listed below.

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Civil/Criminal Litigation Support

As experienced investigators we have helped Maryland's top law firms win cases for 20 years. With your freedom or future on the line, you cannot count on the mercy of the court or a sympathetic jury. Hire our team now.

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Criminal Defense Investigations

If you are charged with a crime you need an unbiased legal team. With law enforcement backgrounds, our investigators understand all aspects of the Criminal Justice System.

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Identity Theft

Our investigators are experience in developing evidence against the criminals dedicated to stealing your identity. Let us help you regain your identity and recover from Identity Theft.

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Security Consulting

Liabilities to loss prevention, our consultants will develop a safe working environment for your employees and help ensure your profit margin.

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Global Executive Protection

Our clients are Fortune 500 Business men and women, dignitaries, entrepreneurs, leaders of industry and high-net-worth families. We offer discreet and professional protection services at your place of business, your home and while traveling.

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People Finder

Our skills using open source intelligence, combined with databases not open to the general public, give us an upper hand and locating witnesses, persons of Interest, heirs and family members.

R. P. Troutman & Associates, Inc. is owned and operated by prior law enforcement and U.S. military veterans.

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